Alex Town, MHPA

VP of Finance, Tri-State Memorial Hospital, Washington

"I would highly recommend PRC to any healthcare organization.  The energy that they bring to these reviews/audits is very positive.  They clearly have a passion for what they do, and the staff sees this.  PRC does an exceptional job educating the staff, and recommending the corrective actions to maintain compliance while optimizing revenue opportunities.  The PRC staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.  You cannot go wrong with hiring PRC. "

James Moody

Chief Financial Officer, Donalsonville Hospital, Inc., Georgia

“We have had a relationship with PRC for the past 25 years.  We have worked with several different consultants with PRC, and all have been extremely knowledgeable and competent.  PRC has performed a variety of services for the hospital including charge master reviews, coding audits, as well as physician documentation audits.  PRC continues to provide timely and up-to-date feedback to our hospital staff for any regulatory/reimbursement changes.”

Karen Taylor

Director, Revenue Integrity, Saint Luke's Health System, Missouri

“I worked several years as a chargemaster consultant performing reviews for large and small hospitals.  I am now Director of Revenue Integrity for a 10-hospital health system, and my expectations for a chargemaster review were high.  PRC met my expectations and more. The PRC team did a thorough assessment and provided beneficial recommendations.  We especially like that we have continued access if we need an opinion or interpretation of a new directive.  We will be using PRC in the future, and I recommend them to others.”

Kathy Peterson, FHFMA, MHA

Associate Vice President, Revenue Cycle, The University of Vermont Health Network, Vermont/New York

“I have worked with the team at PRC for the past 20 years and have always been amazed at the depth of knowledge and their ability to stay current with all the coding changes and requirements in the industry.   Our time with PRC is time well spent and very worthwhile and they constantly help us to get better at keeping our chargemaster accurate and our teams educated.”  

Joann Panico-VanTine, CCS

Coding Manager, White Plains Hospitals, New York

I have been working with the Team at PRC for 15+ years and find them to be spot on when it comes to Coding rules and financial reimbursement. We utilize their services to evaluate and maintain our coding expertise which has been excellent in keeping with exceptional Coder Skill Set.


Chief Financial Officer, Effingham Health System, Georgia

“It has been my experience that a health system’s chargemaster is the most misunderstood and most underutilized revenue cycle and compliance management tool available.  However, in today’s environment of price transparency, it is the key management tool of any health system’s financial success. I have worked with PRC at two separate health systems since 2008 and their expertise was critical in assisting both health systems improve their price transparency reporting,  coding, charging, documentation, and reimbursement allowing them to better meet the health care needs of the communities they serve.”

Jenifer Warren, RHIT

HIM Director, Ashtabula County Medical Center, Ohio

“PRC performs quarterly audits for us and has been a great resource for our facility for many years!  The friendly and knowledgeable staff is very supportive and proactive to identify issues and concerns within our revenue cycle process…..from charge capture to clean bills to educating staff…….they always have our best interest at heart!”

Dan Hogan

Chief Financial Officer, Desoto Memorial Hospital, Florida

“I have relied on the expertise of PRC since 1982.  PRC works exceptionally with hospital staff in all aspects of coding, compliance, reimbursement, charging, and documentation.  PRC is uniquely focused on effectively navigating, and communicating, the myriad of regulatory changes to the appropriate hospital staff.  We always look forward to PRC's on‑site visits.”

Client Testimonials

Mike Wyche
Revenue Manager, Colquitt Regional Medical Center, Georgia

“The entire group is very knowledgeable and were able to relate to all the clinical directors.  They made the reviews enjoyable and productive.  We look forward to working with PRC in the future.”

Our Clients

​​​For over forty five (45) years we have conducted thousands of reviews nationwide for clients ranging from small critical access hospitals (CAH) to large Medical Centers and Health Systems/Chains, as well as clinics and physician practices.  

Meg Cavallero

Director, Patient Financial Services, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Virginia

“We chose PRC to conduct a full CDM audit/review because of their professionalism and their in-depth understanding of our needs, including our timelines for completion.  PRC did an outstanding job within our time constraints.  Our consultant was energetic, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. We were very pleased with the service level that we received and results of their work.  We will continue to utilize their services in the future and would recommend them to other hospitals for those reasons.“

Willie Cooper-Lohr

Chief Financial Officer, Barnesville Hospital, West Virginia

“This was the first year we used PRC, but I am sure we will continue to utilize their services in the future. PRC did an exceptional job educating the staff and recommending the corrective actions to maintain compliance while optimizing revenue opportunities. I would highly recommend PRC to any healthcare organization.“

Julie Kelly, RHIA

Manager, HIM, Warner Hospital & Health Services, Illinois

“I started working with PRC in 2010 and have remained a customer due to their knowledge and expertise as well as their customer service.  We are a Critical Access Hospital and the PRC staff are well versed in coding and billing rules specific to us.  The consultants come well prepared to the on-site visit and we have found their Strategic Pricing Analysis (SPA) a valuable resource.  I keep PRC in my back pocket and reach out to them regularly as a resource.  I would highly recommend their services.“

Kitty Jo Lloyd

Accountant/Revenue Cycle Analyst, Wetzel County Hospital, West Virginia

“We selected PRC because we had used them before and was very happy with their coding review.  The second time we used them we had a Chargemaster review and a Coding review. Their staff was great to work with.  They found several revenue enhancements and provided guidance on coding and charging questions.  Their knowledge was impressive.“

Cheryl Cornwell, MBA

Chief Financial Officer, Lake Chelan Health, Washington

"I have worked with PRC over the past 8 years as CFO for two different organizations. I have experience with a wide variety of revenue cycle consultants, and none have come close to the value received from PRC.   The are highly knowledgeable, helpful, and great with all staff; clinical and financial.  PRC provides excellent service but more importantly, I always see a real bump in revenue after our annual CDM reviews.  "

Diane Walther
Controller, Henry County Hospital, Ohio

“We have completed our third year of working with PRC for our charge master review.  We have improved our processes, improved our accuracy and satisfied our staff by utilizing the professional services of PRC.  The experts at PRC are very professional and provide very accurate advice.  We now feel confident that we are abiding by the multiple changes that occur with all of the regulations.  We contact them multiple times throughout the year to ensure we are properly charging and coding for new service lines.  The service we receive from the PRC team is wonderful.  We receive prompt responses and thorough explanations to all of our questions.“The entire group is very knowledgeable and were able to relate to all the clinical directors.  They made the reviews enjoyable and productive.  We look forward to working with PRC in the future.”

James D. Janek, MBA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer, Rice Medical Center, Texas

“The process was seamless and extremely beneficial.  I estimated between $600,000 and $750,000 in annual benefit.  PRC clearly possesses the competence to identify opportunities for improvement.  Equally important is the content of the deliverables; its organization and presentation.  Our report was very user friendly for clinical and business staff alike.  Most importantly was the communication skills PRC demonstrated throughout our engagement.  In my decades of having implemented such initiatives, I have seen highly analytical people fail to hand off the baton effectively due to ineffective communication.  PRC is the best I have ever seen in this particular arena”

Nora A Burdi

Manager, Revenue Integrity, Valley Health System, New Jersey

 "PRC provided a full charge master review for my facility, exceptional professionalism from the start of the project. PRC staff are consummate business professionals who know how to put everyone at ease the moment they enter the room. The wealth of knowledge and expertise in coding, compliance, charging, CMS regulations and reimbursement PRC brings to the table was invaluable to the outpatient departments. The hands on approach, coupled with the Q&A's was the ideal setting for receiving the information and taking it back to the front end and implementing the recommendations. I would highly recommend PRC for your charge master reviews."